Board of Trustees

JCC Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at Jamestown Community College upholds the mission of the college through supporting college operations in the areas of leadership, finance, curricula, and other areas as necessary.


Current members

  • 唐娜·比尔|任命机构:詹姆斯敦(州),州长|任期至6/30/24
  • 玛丽·卡鲁巴,秘书|任命机构:詹姆斯敦(州),州长|任期至25年6月30日
  • Margaret Cornell, vice chair | Appointing body: Chautauqua County (state), Governor | Term expires 6/30/22 (holdover)
  • Lou DiPalma |任命机构:肖托夸县(当地),县长|任期至6/30/25
  • Dennis A. 德鲁三世|任命机构:詹姆斯敦(当地)市长|任期至2026年6月30日
  • Luke Fodor |任命机构:詹姆斯敦(当地)市长|任期至6/30/25
  • James Griffin | Appointing body: Cattaraugus County (local), Leg. Chairman | Term expires 6/30/26
  • Barbara Hastings, 财政和审计委员会主席|任命机构:卡特罗格斯县(州), Governor | Term expires 6/30/20 (holdover)
  • Daniel Heitzenrater | Appointing body: Chautauqua County (local), County Executive | Term expires 6/30/30
  • Wally Huckno, Sr. |任命机构:肖托夸县(当地)、县议会|任期至26年6月30日
  • Miriam Lugo-Alfaro | Appointing body: Governor | Term expires 6/30/27
  • Kate Rauber | Appointing body: Cattaraugus County (local), Legislative Chairman | Term expires 6/30/30
  • John F. Stitt |任命机构:卡特罗格斯县(地方),立法主席|任期至28年6月30日
  • Mark Ward, chair | Appointing body: Cattaraugus County (state), Governor | Term expires 6/30/20 (holdover)

Student trustee

  • Alyssa Drozdiel

Donna Beal, 从詹姆斯敦公立学校退休的人事和劳资关系主管, 目前担任纽约州公共关系委员会的调解员和事实发现者. She was first appointed to the JCC board of trustees in 1993.

A graduate of JCC and Empire State College, Ms. Beal volunteers for several community organizations. She is past president of the St. 她是詹姆斯敦第一长老会的长老. She is past president of the New York State Personnel Administrators and the National Association of Education Administrators and has been an instructor and presenter at several human relations and negotiation courses.

Ms. Beal is an active volunteer at UPMC Chautauqua WCA Hospital and was co-chair of the volunteer fundraising campaign for the hospital’s emergency room. 她是纽约州社区学院受托人教育委员会的成员.

Donna Beal headshot

西南独立生活中心公司的执行董事玛丽·卡鲁巴说. 自1984年起,在布法罗大学获得学士学位和法学博士学位. She was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1983 and was a gubernatorial appointment to JCC in 2013.

Ms. Carrubba has worked as a disability advocate for more than 40 years and manages an active caseload representing individuals at hearings to qualify for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

她是肖托夸县社区服务委员会的董事会成员, Chautauqua County Workforce Investment Board, The Resource Center, Chautauqua Opportunities, and the Fenton Historical Society. Ms. 卡鲁巴在詹姆斯敦市议会任职10年,最后一届任期于2023年结束.

A mediator for the Center for Resolution and Justice and a member of the New York State Surrogate Decision-Making Committees since 2002, Ms. Carrubba has been chairperson of the Chautauqua County Persons With Developmental Disabilities Committee since 2004.

Marie Carrubba headshot

Margaret (Peg) Cornell earned a registered nursing diploma at E.J. Meyer Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, a bachelor’s degree at SUNY Buffalo, and a master’s degree at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to retirement, Mrs. 康奈尔是大学健康服务中心主任,也是JCC的兼职讲师. 此前,她曾担任詹姆斯敦综合医院的护理服务主任.

Mrs. Cornell has served on the Jamestown YWCA’s board of directors and is a representative of the 150th District to the New York State Democratic Committee and past chairperson of the Jamestown Democratic Committee.  她还曾在詹姆斯敦市的宪章审查和规划委员会任职.

Margaret Cornell headshot

Lou DiPalma is a vice president of Lake Shore Savings Bank. He earned a bachelor’s degree at SUNY Fredonia and a master’s degree in public administration at SUNY Albany.

迪帕尔马曾担任私营行业委员会的执行董事, vice president of NOG, Inc., 也是北肖托夸州商会的执行副总裁, among other roles in area businesses and organizations. 他一直是布鲁克斯纪念医院董事会,肖托夸临终关怀的成员 & Palliative Care board of directors, 以及北肖托夸社区基金会的当地经济发展委员会. He also served on the board of AAA of Western and Central New York and as president of Progress Park.

Louis DiPalma headshot

Drew has served as general manager of WRFA-LP, 通过詹姆斯敦的雷格莱娜艺术中心建立的社区广播电台, since 2004. He is also a teaching artist at Jamestown High School.

As a student at JCC in the 1970s, 德鲁帮助建立了学院的广播电台和学生报纸.

德鲁自1964年以来一直住在詹姆斯敦,是10,000 Maniacs乐队的创始合伙人. The band has produced 11 albums over a 38-year period and continues to perform more than 40 concerts each year.

Dennis Drew headshot

Alyssa Drozdiel被JCC学生会推选为学生会理事, 因此,他是董事会的投票成员,代表着全校的学生团体. She is an Individual Studies major and native of Westfield.

Alyssa Drozdiel headshot

卢克·福多是由詹姆斯敦市市长埃迪·桑德奎斯特任命的. He holds graduate degrees from the University of Durham in England, New York University, and Bexley Hall Seminary in Columbus, O.H. He is the rector of St. 路加在詹姆斯敦的圣公会教堂除了履行所有的牧师职责, he leads annual stewardship campaigns, 促进伙伴关系,为社区创造创新的外展计划.

The Rev. Fodor is vice president for the YMCA, co-chair for Jamestown Renaissance Corp, 并担任詹姆斯敦市河滨管理委员会的成员, City of Jamestown Local Development Corporation, and the Advisory Board of the Mental Health Association.

Luke Fodor headshot

James P. 前奥利恩市市长格里芬还担任过奥利恩市议会主席. He served as the executive vice president of MJW Technical Services and as a health physicist with West Valley Nuclear Services, the University of Buffalo Nuclear Science and Technology Facility, and the Harbor/UCLA Medical Center. 格里芬是纽约州立大学布法罗分校的校友,并在圣. Bonaventure University. He was appointed to the JCC board of trustees in 1999.

Griffin holds certification by the American Board of Health Physics for the comprehensive practice of health physics. In addition to other professional affiliations, he is a member of the American Academy of Health Physics, the Health Physics Society, the American Nuclear Society, and the Western New York Region Health Physics Society. An avid golfer and skier, Griffin is also active in several civic and social organizations in Cattaraugus County and is a member of the National Ski Patrol.

James Griffin headshot

Barbara J. 黑斯廷斯在阿尔弗雷德州立学院获得护理副学士学位, a bachelor’s degree at SUNY Utica/Rome, and a master’s degree at D’Youville College. 她退休时是卡特罗格斯县卫生局的公共卫生主任. She also served as assistant medical director of the Cattaraugus County Department of Social Services from 1997 to 2002.

Previously, Ms. Hastings was a public health nurse and supervising public health nurse at the Cattaraugus County Health Department and a registered nurse at Olean General Hospital. She has served on the Cattaraugus County Emergency Services Advisory Board and the boards of directors of the Western New York Public Health Alliance, Southern Tier Community Health Center Network, Healthy Community Alliance, Homecare Association of New York State, Cattaraugus County Long Term Care Advisory Board, and the Cattaraugus County Aging Advisory Council.

Ms. 黑斯廷斯还担任过其他各种健康相关组织的董事会成员, including the Southern Tier Health Care System, Inc. She founded the Cattaraugus County Court Ordered Services Workgroup and the Western New York Department of Social Services Homecare Association.

Barbara Hastings

Daniel J. Heitzenrater, appointed to the board in 2018, 在JCC获得副学士学位,在纽约州立大学弗里多尼亚分校获得学士学位. He is executive assistant to the Chautauqua County Executive, where his work focuses on inter-municipal collaboration and administration of many county initiatives and working groups. He previously worked for U.S. 代表汤姆·里德作为移民和护照案件专家.

Heitzenrater serves as a councilman in the Town of Ellicott and was the town representative on the Falconer West Main Street Redevelopment Committee. He is a 2015 graduate of the Chautauqua Leadership Network and is the organization’s current president. Heitzenrater is also an ex officio member of the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County board of directors and is active in the community as a member of Peacock Masonic Lodge and the Jamestown Skeet & Trap Club.

Daniel Heitzenrater headshot

Wally Huckno, Sr. is a retired English teacher and athletic director. Mr. Huckno graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and taught in the Jamestown Public Schools system for 42 years prior to retirement in 2004.

A retired member of the Chautauqua County Legislature, Huckno served on the legislature’s administrative services, capital projects financing, audit and control, and public safety committees.

他在詹姆斯敦高中担任了21年的橄榄球总教练, Huckno was inducted into the Chautauqua County Sports Hall of Fame in 2001 and the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. 他多次被地区和国家组织评为年度最佳教练. Huckno has been a member of the Western New York Coaches Association, the New York State Coaches Association, the National Federation of Interscholastic Athletic Administrators, the New York State Athletic Administrators, the New York State Sports Writers Association, and the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame.

Wally Huckno headshot

米里亚姆·卢戈-阿尔法罗长期担任敦刻尔克市学区的西班牙语教师. 这位敦刻尔克居民被纽约州州长凯西·霍赫尔任命为JCC董事会成员.

Before joining Dunkirk City School District in 2004, Lugo-Alfaro served as an English as second language and Spanish instructor at Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES in Dunkirk.

Lugo-Alfaro also has work experience in human services, including serving as an education counselor, workforce development specialist, bilingual case manager, and employment advisor.

凯特·劳伯(Kate Rauber)是埃利科特维尔假日谷度假村的滑雪服务主管. She is an alumni of Ellicottville Central School, and earned her undergraduate degree in English from Brown University. 劳伯在加州大学伯克利分校法学院完成了法学博士学位.

劳伯曾在Jeffers, Mangels, Butler律师事务所的诉讼部执业 & Mitchell in Los Angeles before returning to Ellicottville to join the team at Holiday Valley in 2018. 她是埃利科特维尔纪念图书馆董事会的成员, and the Advisory Committee for the Adventure Recreation and Equestrian program at New Directions Youth and Family Services. 她和丈夫克里斯以及他们的两只狗住在大峡谷.

Kate Rauber headshot

Stitt is the chief executive officer of KA-BAR Knives, Inc. in Olean, as well as subsidiary companies Schilling Forge Inc. 锡拉丘兹和北卡罗莱纳州南松的Pineland刀具/斯巴达刀片. He has served on St. 2013年起担任博纳旺图尔大学商学院顾问委员会成员, and guest lectures on marketing and business, innovation, and family business. A graduate of Olean High School, Stitt获得St. Bonaventure University.

Stitt’s life revolves around the cutlery manufacturing industry, 他拥有超过25年的专业经验. He led the initiative to rebuild the longstanding cutlery brands KA-BAR and the Ek Commando Knife Company, and reshore American production of the cutlery in Olean. Stitt helped launch the State and Union shop, 高科技制造与传统餐具技术相结合的地方.

Stitt resides in Olean with his wife, Connie, and six children.

John F. Stitt headshot

Mark J. Ward earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees and an advanced certificate of educational administration at St. Bonaventure University. He is the retired superintendent of the Ellicottville School District and is a former superintendent of the Olean and Salamanca school districts, and principal at Ellicottville Central School. He was appointed to the board by the Cattaraugus County Legislature.

An active participant in area and state educational panels, 沃德因其出色的领导能力而受到纽约州体育管理人员协会的表彰, New York State Council of School Superintendents, School Administrators Association of New York State, and the Seneca Nation of Indians. He served as president of the Cattaraugus-Allegany Superintendents Association and as a member of the New York State Association of Small City Schools board of directors.

Ward is a member of several professional academic organizations as well as Allegheny Highlands Council of the Boy Scouts of America executive board, the Great Valley Volunteer Fire Company, the Salamanca chapter of the Knights of Columbus, Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church, and the Salamanca Exchange Club.

Mark Ward headshot